Bespoke Kitchens

We offer a full design, build and installation service. The benefits of a hand built kitchen are many, in fact there are too many to list here. The main one being that you can have exactly what you want!
If you can draw it, or describe it so that we can draw it, we can build it. There are no restrictions on the type of timber or the colour. Units can be built to any dimension required, so if you have an awkward space you aren’t forced to have a ‘handy’ tea-towel rack when you don’t need one!
We are quite happy to visit you to discuss your plans, at no obligation.(we don’t have pushy sales people).
People are often worried about commissioning a hand built kitchen because of the perceived cost involved.
Whilst we don’t offer a “budget” option you will find that our prices are comparable to many of the high street stores.