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A guide to Accoya wood

Key Attributes of Accoya:

  • Durability: Unparalleled resilience against decay, and the harshest weather conditions.
  • Stability: Trusted not to visibly swell, shrink or distort, with minimal movement.
  • Sustainability: Ethically sourced from responsibly managed forests.
  • Low Maintenance: Requires minimal upkeep over its extended lifespan.

Accoya wood is an increasingly popular choice for crafting beautiful, high-performance timber doors and windows. As an incredibly versatile material, it’s ideal for many different types of windows and can suit any home. This highly durable wood is rot-resistant thanks to a process of ‘wood acetylation’ which changes the cell structure of the wood to improve dimensional stability, increase operating performance, extend coating longevity, and reduce maintenance requirements. Accoya wood is a Class 1 durable material that provides peace of mind that it will last even in the harshest environments. We are partnered with Accoya and recognised installers of this versatile and long-lasting material. With Accoya wood, we can craft made-to-measure sash windows, bay and casement windows, and wooden doors that are made to last and will stand the test of time.

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Key benefits of using Accoya


Resistant to

Greater outer

stable – no
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Teknos paint

Teknos provides smart, technically advanced paint and coating solutions to protect and prolong your windows and doors. Having been used extensively on Accoya wood for more than 15 years, Teknos brings you considerable expertise gained over decades in the industry. Teknos paint has not only been refined through controlled and meticulous testing, but the results from these tests are backed up with years of real-world performance. The combined quality and service levels of Accoya and Teknos are one of the most effective systems for external joinery, offering a long-lasting product with proven performance. 

Hardware considerations when using Accoya

All wood types contain organic acids varying in amount between species, Accoya has a similar level to oak and western cedar which, in moist conditions, may accelerate water induced corrosion in metals. As a key component of the door or window itself, it’s important to select and correctly install suitable hardware to ensure long lasting functionality and exceptional aesthetics that your beautiful Accoya doors and windows deserve. Sharing similar values of longevity and durability, and a desire to enhance the performance of timber doors and windows, Coastal Group have developed a range of hardware suitable for use with Accoya. Ironmongery carefully selected from the Coastal range of premium products gives you a high performance door set designed to last a lifetime. This includes:

  • External door furniture
  • Window furniture
  • Hinges
  • Fixings
  • Multipoint door locks
  • Sliding door system
  • Window system and espag bolts

External door furniture

Tests have proven that the best performing metal in damp or exposed conditions when using Accoya, is high quality stainless steel. It is important to take precautions if using lesser grade metals. The metal and the Accoya wood should be coated or otherwise separated to avoid direct contact between the wood and these metals. However, it’s worth bearing in mind if the paint or hardware coating gets chipped or damaged, the metal underneath will be exposed and is likely to corrode if it’s not stainless steel.

Window furniture

Window furniture components such as stays, handles and finger pulls are often classified as ‘lower risk’ due to experiencing less exposure to moisture than door furniture. However consideration should be given to areas with high corrosion levels as when windows are open, the furniture is exposed to the elements. 

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