Wooden Door Price Guide:
How Much Does A Wooden Door Cost?

Wooden doors are a timeless addition to any home. They are quite popular for their aesthetic appeal and functional benefits. They bring warmth, elegance, and a touch of nature into your living space.

However, when you consider wooden doors for your space, you also wonder about the costs involved. It may vary according to the type of door, the finish required, and more factors. This guide aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the costs associated with wooden doors to help you get a clear understanding.

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How Much Does A Wooden Door Cost?

The cost of a wooden door varies significantly, influenced by factors such as wood type, design complexity, and specific use. On average, you can expect to pay between £50 and £3,000 for a wooden door.

Different types of wooden doors cater to various needs and styles, each with its own pricing range. External wooden doors, designed to withstand the elements, typically cost between £150 and £1,500. Internal ones are used within the home for privacy and design, and they range from £50 to £300.

French doors, known for their elegance and ability to let in natural light, can cost between £400 and £2,000. Whereas if you are looking to get bi-fold doors, which are great for saving space and creating open-plan areas, the cost may range from £500 to £3,000.

Beyond these common types, there are also specialised options such as entrance facades, gates, and garage doors. Custom-made wooden entrance facades can cost between £1,000 and £5,000. Wooden gates may range between £200 and £2,000. Finally, wooden garage doors are priced somewhere between £1,000 and £4,000.

Please note that these prices may vary based on various factors. It is advisable to consult a local (and trustworthy) joinery expert to get a tailored quotation for your needs. At Newlands Joinery, we take the time to understand the type of door you want, make a free site visit, and then offer a tailored quotation.

What Factors Influence The Pricing

1. Type Of Wood

The type of wood used in crafting the door significantly impacts its price. Common woods like pine and oak are generally less expensive, while exotic hardwoods are priced higher due to their rarity and superior qualities.

The wood’s durability, grain pattern, and natural colour also affect its cost. Choosing sustainable or certified woods can also influence pricing, as these options might carry a premium for their environmentally friendly sourcing.

2. Design Complexity

Simple, plain designs are more affordable, whereas intricate patterns, carvings, and custom details increase the price. This is natural as custom-made doors tailored to specific design requirements often require more skilled labour and time, leading to higher costs.

Features such as glass inserts, decorative panels, and unique shapes may also add to the complexity and overall price.

3. Size And Thickness

Larger doors require more material and are generally more expensive than standard-sized doors. Similarly, thicker doors provide better insulation and security but come at a higher price due to the additional wood required.

Custom sizes and shapes also increase the cost, as they often require bespoke manufacturing processes and more extensive labour.

4. Finishes

The type of finish applied to the door can affect its price. Basic finishes like paint or varnish are relatively inexpensive, while high-end finishes such as stains, lacquers, or bespoke treatments can add to the cost.

Additionally, treatments that enhance durability, such as weatherproofing for external doors, UV protection, or anti-warping treatments, may contribute to higher pricing due to the additional materials and labour involved.

5. Hardware And Accessories

The quality and type of hardware used, including handles, locks, hinges, and fittings, influence the overall cost of a wooden door. High-quality, durable hardware from reputable brands tends to be more expensive.

Additionally, specialised accessories such as electronic locks, decorative hardware, or custom fittings can add to the price. It is important to work with experienced professionals who understand these requirements beforehand and offer you transparent pricing with no sudden surprises down the line.

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Choosing the right wooden door involves considering various factors such as design, wood type, and usage. By understanding the cost range for different types of wooden doors, you can make a more informed decision.

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