Cost Of Wooden Sash Windows: Quick And Simple Guide [2024]

Wooden sash windows add elegance and historical charm to properties. They are a popular choice in South-East London, especially for Edwardian, Victorian, and Georgian homes. Hence, if you’re considering installing wooden box sash windows in your home, it is imperative to gain insights into the pricing.

This guide outlines the costs associated with wooden sash windows, including materials, craftsmanship, and installation. It also discusses the factors that influence the costs. Keep reading for expert insights.

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The Average Cost Of Wooden Box Sash Windows

The average cost of wooden box sash windows ranges from £1,000 to £2,500 per window. This estimate includes the price of materials, manufacturing, craftsmanship, and installation.

High-quality timber such as oak or pine can cost between £500 and £1,000. Custom manufacturing to fit specific property requirements adds another £300 to £700. Next comes skilled craftsmanship, which is essential for ensuring authenticity and quality. It typically costs around £200 to £500.

Finally, professional installation services range from £300 to £500, ensuring the windows are fitted correctly and securely.

Several factors influence these costs, including the quality of the timber, the size and design of the window, and glazing options. We’ll discuss them in detail in the following section.

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Which Factors Influence The Cost?

1. Timber Quality

The quality of timber significantly affects the cost of wooden sash windows. High-end woods like oak and mahogany are more expensive due to their durability and aesthetic appeal. These timbers resist warping and weathering better than cheaper alternatives like pine or softwood.

Using superior-quality timber enhances the window’s longevity and visual appeal. It also reduces maintenance costs over time, making it a worthwhile investment for homeowners seeking both beauty and durability.

2. Window Size And Design

The size and design of the window are crucial cost determinants. Larger windows require more materials, which naturally increases the overall expense. Additionally, intricate designs with multiple panes or decorative elements necessitate more skilled labour and time, further raising costs.

Custom shapes or features that need special attention and precise craftsmanship add to the complexity and price. Finally, if you seek to preserve historical accuracy or unique architectural styles, it may incur higher costs due to these bespoke requirements.

3. Glazing Options

The choice of glazing impacts both the cost and performance of sash windows. Double or triple glazing is more expensive than single glazing due to the additional materials and enhanced thermal efficiency. These options improve insulation, reduce energy bills, and provide better soundproofing, justifying the higher upfront cost.

Advanced glazing technologies, such as low-emissivity (Low-E) glass or laminated glass, further add to the expense but offer additional benefits like UV protection and increased security. Selecting the right glazing option balances initial costs with long-term savings and comfort.

4. Custom Features

Custom features tailored to match period-specific details can increase the cost. Elements such as decorative sash horns, intricate glazing bars, or bespoke hardware replicate historic designs, which then require specialised skills and additional materials.

Customisation might also include modern enhancements like draught-proofing or security features that blend seamlessly with traditional aesthetics. These bespoke elements add value by enhancing both the functionality and visual appeal of the windows.

5. Installation Complexity

Standard installations are straightforward, but challenging installations, such as those in older buildings with non-standard window openings or those requiring scaffolding, increase labour and equipment costs.

Properties in higher locations or those with difficult access points necessitate additional safety measures and time, contributing to higher expenses. Professional installers may need to navigate structural issues to ensure the new windows fit perfectly and function correctly, which may reflect in the overall price.

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Investing in wooden sash windows is a significant decision that enhances the aesthetic and value of your home. But in this process, understanding the costs involved is also rather important; it helps in making an informed choice.

For a transparent, detailed, and competitive quotation, contact our specialist team at Newlands Joinery today. We ensure high-quality craftsmanship and flexible payment terms, tailored to your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

1. What is the sash window refurbishment cost?

The cost of sash window refurbishment typically ranges from £300 to £700 per window. This includes repairs to the timber, re-glazing, draught-proofing, and repainting. The exact price depends on the extent of the damage and specific restoration needs. Please get in touch with our team to discuss your requirements. We’ll consider every aspect of the project before offering a free quotation.

2. How long do sash windows last?

Sash windows can last over 100 years with proper maintenance and care. Regular upkeep, including painting, sealing, and minor repairs, helps extend their lifespan. High-quality materials and craftsmanship also contribute to their longevity, making them a durable choice for traditional and period properties.

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